50mm Lens Comparison – Color Rendition

10 thoughts on “50mm Lens Comparison – Color Rendition”

  1. Well this is also a studio test with frontal lighting, backlighting would be a good test, even in controlled studio conditions, better would be (one light) back lighting on 45 degrees axis from side behind.


    1. I don’t really understand how backlighting should influence the colours that a lens “sees”?
      It’s the light that’s reflected from the photographed object that we perceive as that object’s colour.
      Also, a comparison that isn’t done in studio conditions isn’t reliable at all. I can show you beautiful colours captured during the golden hour and some really dull stuff shot beneath an overcast sky.
      Who would benefit from something like that?


      1. I came upon your tests, looking for some tests that compared the colour rendition of different manufacturer’s multi-coatings, eg. Zuiko, Rokkor, Nikkor, SMC, Zeiss T*, etc. colours, and coatings help preserve contrast, flare reduces saturation, back-light reduces both contrast and saturation, and low contrast results in low apparent sharpness. I hope you now understand my pursuit of colour rendition and what I am trying to explain.


  2. Okay, I get it now.
    However, have you seen the results from my Flaring tests?
    Many lenses behave vastly different depending on the position of the light source and the opening of their aperture, so I would have to take hundreds of pictures to cover all those differences in order to provide reliable material for comparison.

    Also, whenever I’ve seen/heard people rave about the “Leica colours”, it wasn’t related to backlit situations at all.


    1. Yes, I have seen your tests before, and you have put in a lot of work and effort, and I commend you for that. I am wondering how a controlled test could be done, to compare and measure the effect and performance and subtle differences of lens coatings and why there are , favouring the colour rendition of the various major manufacturer even though the differences are so minute.


      1. I meant to write: “why there are cults, favouring the colour rendition of the various major manufacturer even though the differences are so minute”.


    2. I wonder if shooting Macbeth colour checkers with frontal and back-lighting could be used to measure saturation and contrast, because it would allow saturation comparison across the lenses using a known rgb’s and then by the individual lens with the drop in comntrast and saturation due to the back-lit card. Just a thought.


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