I give up on a cure, for now

5 thoughts on “I give up on a cure, for now”

  1. All the suggestions I’ve read say that the UV lamp is most preferred, but the sun was the original solution. Yours is the first that suggested color temperature plays a part. Everything else I’ve read says it’s UV rays that do the trick, for what it’s worth.


    1. I did elaborate the UV story in detail in other articles.
      The LED worked on my Takumar and the Rikenon to almost rid them of any colour cast and both the Pancolar and the Fujinon improved somewhat.

      I can’t afford a real UV lamp and putting the lenses out in the cold, overcast winterday won’t do them any good neither..

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      1. Have you considered a typical nail-polish hardener that women use?

        I wonder if those little gadgets will do the trick, used they are very cheap. ($10-$20).


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