To filter or #nofilter ? – Filter comparison

5 thoughts on “To filter or #nofilter ? – Filter comparison”

  1. Filters are an important subject in photography I think. I often look at peoples pictures and think a polarizer could have significantly improved the shot. I use polarizers and UV filters and because I have 40 or so lenses of varying filter sizes used to fret when I thought I needed to buy another filter. (And yes I have the full range of step-up rings, but they can be a pain.) Then I discovered Tianya filters on eBay. They are inexpensive but great quality in my experience. I buy the higher quality thin filters and have yet to be disappointed. I highly recommend that anyone who balks at the high price of some filters check them out.
    I have an older Hoya Skylight filter that I want to try on a sixty year old lens that has a single coating. I’m waiting for a 43-46mm step-up ring to arrive so I can use it. (I didn’t have that one.)
    While I would be hesitant to use a filter with a tint on a digital camera, I am curious about this combination. I’ll post results here after I test.

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  2. The lens actually has a 40.5mm filter size. I received a 40.5 – 46mm step-up ring today and tested the lens with and without a Hoya Skylight 1B filter. The results in terms of color and contrast were negligible. There was no discernible color cast, and saturation of different colors was unaffected. Nor was there a noticeable degradation of contrast or resolution with the filter’s use.

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