Worth the Hype? – Summicron-R 50mm f/2

9 thoughts on “Worth the Hype? – Summicron-R 50mm f/2”

  1. Zuiko OM 1.4/50 vs Leitz Summilux R 1.4/50

    imho, it is not worth the hype. see the mtf results per the link above. the Leica is no better than a Zuiko for the same vintage. in fact, the Zuiko has better, accurate colours. from visual comparisons, I woudl say other brands also compare very favourably.


    1. And why do you show the MTF values for the Summilux-R when my post is about a Summicron-R? The Summicron is a completely different design and much cheaper than the Summilux. Also, from what I’ve seen so far, the Summicron produces better bokeh and the sharpness is far superior to the Zuiko that I have tested.

      Lastly, it’s possible that they compared a rather modern Zuiko design to the first generation Summilux, isn’t it? After all, they replaced those lenses quite regularly.


      1. the images I have sold out of this lens, not a single one of the customers wanted to “review a chart” before deciding whether it was worth the asking price or even enjoyable to view for free… truth be told, charts are for people who read more than they shoot. it is about the IMAGES. this lens give a look that cant be quantified but can be perceived and it UNIQUE. I have better mid’s when it comes to sharpness but nothing beats the LOOK and that is what is enjoyable. “that is a mesmerizing image but how did the lens that took it rate on a chart?” SAID NO GALLERY VIEWER EVER.

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    1. I even offered up a link comparing the two and the results, without understanding all of the text, are very clearly in favour of the v2.
      The v2 to me shines because it lacks this low contrast glow wide open, which the v1 has too much of.


  2. Well of course people can argue all day about MTF, Bokeh, Stellar Resolution, Astigmatism, Welbeck Lines etc, etc. but the proof of the pudding is in the eating! Take your shot, get it printed up/out, and look, then look again. Getting to know your lenses is an art. I have only managed to ‘learn’ two lenses so far: the Schneider Kreuznach P A Curtagon 35mm f4 shift lens for Leicaflex and the Nikkor 85mm f1.8 HC lens for Nikons F, F2, Nikkormat. For many years, I earned my living with this lens as a Professional Portraitist. I still have it because although I am now retired, I still receive ‘requests.’

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  3. I am not a camera enthusiast but have come across a Summicron R 50mm which is made in Germany and the the serial number is from 1972. Does anyone know how much this should/would go for in £ ? Any comments appreciated. Thank you.


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