Helios 44(-1) 58mm f/2 “zebra”

13 thoughts on “Helios 44(-1) 58mm f/2 “zebra””

  1. you need a different adaptor, take off the 39mm-42mm adaptor and get a m39 – canon adaptor and you should be able to focus to infinity

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    1. They all say: “macro only, no infinity focus”
      But I figure this only concerns Leica M39 lenses and not the Helios?


      1. You’d need a “Zenith m39” adapter, not the common one (which is for Leica – and others – m39 rangefinder cameras)
        The ones I got (1 for the silver helios and one for the zebra) both have an AF chip that can be programmed, but they won’t allow infinity focus, I’m afraid..

        What you could also do, is try to find an m39 – m42 step-up ring to be able to use the lens with an m42 adapter.
        I got one for my zebra, but there the distance scale ends up pointing 180° down (it should screw in further but won’t), so infinity focus isn’t possible.. 😦


    1. Hi Rob
      Thank you very much 🙂
      As weird as this may sound, I haven’t had time to check since..
      I once looked for a CLA guide in hopes to finding a way to set the focus mechanism right, but never got around to doing anything.


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