50mm Lens Comparison II – Flaring I

5 thoughts on “50mm Lens Comparison II – Flaring I”

  1. Before comparing the lenses by aperture you write: However, it becomes clear […] in the frame centre.
    I think what you meant to say was: However, it becomes clear […] in the frame’s CORNER.

    Very interesting test again. I’m still contemplating which kind tests I will do.

    Basically your test is telling me: Either leave the sun out of the frame completely (with any lens) or stop down by a lot. However I think it also has to do with where in the frame the sun is. One lens flares at its worst when the sun is exactly in the corner, another might do worse when the sun is a bit off the corner. You did manage to provoke plenty of flaring with every lens though, so I assume every one of them is not far off (its worst behaviour).

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    1. you’re completely right. I didn’t test the effects of havin the sun in the frame center.

      Well, a lot of videographers like lens flares (some blockbuster film makers even add them in post..), so it’s not all bad. 🙂


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