50mm Lens Comparison – Radioactivity

7 thoughts on “50mm Lens Comparison – Radioactivity”

  1. Well done! Kudos to your thorough approach πŸ™‚

    I’m curious though.. in regards to the Takumar,
    if a rear lens cap absorbs 40%. of the radiation.
    What of a camera body, could it absorb twice
    as much or in fact all of it?

    Because I imagine this is a more common scenario
    for such a lens, unless of course one carries a zillion
    lenses along on photo excursions.


    1. Hi Eva.
      The absorption of radioactivity depends on the density of the material (that’s why lead is so effective at this).
      Of course, a camera body with several layers of plastic, glass or even metal in-between lens and photographer is bound to reduce the level of radiation more than a simple lens cap would.


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