50mm Lens Comparison – Radioactivity

9 thoughts on “50mm Lens Comparison – Radioactivity”

  1. Well done! Kudos to your thorough approach πŸ™‚

    I’m curious though.. in regards to the Takumar,
    if a rear lens cap absorbs 40%. of the radiation.
    What of a camera body, could it absorb twice
    as much or in fact all of it?

    Because I imagine this is a more common scenario
    for such a lens, unless of course one carries a zillion
    lenses along on photo excursions.


    1. Hi Eva.
      The absorption of radioactivity depends on the density of the material (that’s why lead is so effective at this).
      Of course, a camera body with several layers of plastic, glass or even metal in-between lens and photographer is bound to reduce the level of radiation more than a simple lens cap would.


    1. Hey, funny that you should ask πŸ™‚

      I just measured it this week and it’s definitely radioactive. Radiation is mainly emitted from the rear element and it’s not as intense as the Takumar, but still quite impressive.
      Really didn’t see that coming.


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